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Florida Man Causes $30K in Damages to 20 Cars Because They “Belong to the Mafia”

A young homeless man in Florida went on a rampage and caused serious damage to at least 20 vehicles in a parking lot. His excuse: the cars belonged to the Mafia and Donald Trump owed him money. Trillions of dollars, no less.
Homeless man vandalizes at least 20 cars in parking lot, causes $30K in damages because Trump owes him "one trillion dollars" 10 photos
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Justin James Wilson’s “excuse” might sound funny, but chances are none of the 20 car owners are laughing. According to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Wilson used rocks and a belt to hit their rear windows and smash them, with initial estimates putting the damages at around $30,000.

Photos included in the Facebook post at the bottom of the page show the kind of damage the cars took, but not all 20 of them were photographed. You can see a Ford Fusion, a Nissan Versa, a Toyota Highlander, a Toyota Corolla, and a Jeep, all with the rear window smashed or cracked, and dents in the body. Wilson put in a great deal of effort and some time to do this kind of damage.

The police are calling this a random act of vandalism; Wilson is facing 14 counts of felony criminal mischief and 6 counts misdemeanor criminal mischief.

“Witnesses say Wilson used rocks and a belt buckle to smash windows and beat the cars. Responding deputies found Wilson in front of the business, passed out on a bench,” the Sherriff’s Office writes on social media. The incident happened at the Holiday Inn Resort.

When the deputies were able to wake Wilson up, he admitted to what he’d done, saying, “Take me to jail. I did it because Donald Trump owes me one trillion dollars and these vehicles belong to the mafia.” The deputies obliged and did take him to jail.

The Sheriff’s Office doesn’t say whether Wilson has a history of mental issues, but given his explanation for the damage caused, it’s likely.


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