Florida Driver Caught Napping at Red Light

Between texting, eating and whatever else people think they should be doing behind the wheel these days, driving can be pretty exhausting. Just ask the rider of this motorcycle who got stuck behind a sleepy driver at a traffic light, and he managed to catch the whole thing on his helmet camera.
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Photo: screenshot from YouTube
While riding somewhere in Florida, YouTube user Jonathon Brady ends up stopped behind an orange Chevrolet HHR waiting to turn left at a red light. After the light turns green and the car doesn’t move, he does what any of us would do: honk the horn in hopes of getting the driver’s attention.

That doesn’t work however and the car remains stopped at the green light with its brake lights on, so the rider pulls up alongside the car to get a closer look. While doing so, another motorist has taken notice of the situation and suggests that something could be wrong with the driver. She was right.

A quick knock on the window shows what was wrong: he had fallen asleep behind the wheel. After being rudely awakened from his nap, we can only hope that this sleepy driver was speeding off to find a quiet place to pull over and finish his nap. For some reason, though, we highly doubt that.

While the whole encounter is somewhat entertaining, it is also actually pretty scary since the guy drives away probably still a little foggy from his nap. Scarier yet, (an organization dedicated to raising awareness of sleep issues) quotes a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that estimates that there are 100,000 crashes each year caused by drowsy drivers leading to 71,000 injuries and 1,500 deaths.

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