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Flipped Honda RC213V-S Is a Write Off, Apparently

Last week we showed you a piece of footage that could easily be labeled under the "cringe" tab, with a Honda RC213V-S biting the dust after being knocked down. Apparently, that bike is a write off because of damage to the frame. The story still needs to be confirmed, so we're taking this with a grain of salt for now.
Flipped Honda RC213V-S 4 photos
Flipped Honda RC213V-SFlipped Honda RC213V-SFlipped Honda RC213V-S
A bit of mystery still surrounds the incident, with some of the Internet users claiming that the entire thing looks like being staged as an insurance fraud. Some say that the reactions that follow the crash sound a bit too calm and unsurprised, especially when considering we're talking about a bike that retails for €188,000 ($213,000) base price.

While one can't rule out any type of "creativity," we'll refrain from saying that the whole thing was a scam. A rider (on the Kawasaki Z800) was allegedly present during the incident and says that it wasn't the guy who filmed the bikes at Creg Ny Baa who knocked the BMW F800ST over.

Apparently, the entire thing was caused by a man talking on the phone and who was moving backward slowly, eventually bumping into one of the Beemer's side cases. The BMW went down so easily because it was parked downhill, people who know that section of the Creg Ny Baa road in the Isle of Man say.

Two photos have been uploaded since then, showing a serious dent in the frame of a bike that looks pretty familiar to the Honda RC213V-S in the video. We're no HRC specialists so it's hard to say whether that frame damage is enough to write that bike off or not.

However, it would be little surprise if we learned that Honda said that the aluminium frame was compromised and needed to be replaced. Being a machine evolved from an actual MotoGP prototype, the RC213V-S is assembled using the utmost cutting-edge technologies Honda can afford to make public, we can only think about the fact that HRC would not send Marc Marquez or Dani Pedrosa on the track with a bent frame.

Here's the incident, once more:
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