Flat Earth Society Says Tesla Roadster Not Crashing into ISS Proves Their Point

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The Flat Earth Society is a bunch of cuckoos caught up in a collective lie even they don't really believe to be true. But SpaceX's launch of a car into space fed them ammunition to last for years to come.
We all saw images sent back by the cameras mounted on the Roadster, with the Starman behind the wheel and the Earth in the background. And so did the Flat Earth Society, who now cries as loud as it can “it's a sham!”

Did anyone see any satellites, as the Roadster supposedly got out into space, they ask? Or the ISS? Or any stars, for that matter?

Some even wonder how come a car managed to squeeze through the overcrowded space above our heads, where thousands of satellites, tons of debris and an oversized space station swirl unchecked.

“For all of you, who watched the Falcon Heavy. Saw a car go to space, saw NO satellites, NO ISS, NO space debris, NO oblate spheroid, NO spinning Earth, NO escape velocity, NO speeds of 20k mph, NO stars, just stationary blackness,”
a Flat Earth Society member posted on Twitter.

Their take? If we didn't see all that, it means the Tesla never left Earth. That the launch is a fabrication. That the round Earth we see in the background is CGI.

“People who believe that the Earth is a globe because they saw a car in space on the Internet must be the new incarnation of "It's true, I saw it on TV!" It's a poor argument,” it 
says the official Twitter page of the organization.

Unfortunately, the organization's attempt to prove on its own that the Earth is flat failed just days before the launch of the Roadster, so we'll have to wait some more before getting to the bottom of this.
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