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Five Movie-Inspired Limited-Edition Cars That Failed
From James Bond's Aston Martin DB5 to Bullitt's Ford Mustang, movie cars have turned quite a few nameplates into iconic automobiles. Smokey and the Bandit's Trans Am, for instance, made the Pontiac Firebird so popular in the late 1970s that it surpassed the Chevrolet Camaro in terms of sales.

Five Movie-Inspired Limited-Edition Cars That Failed

Hyundai Kona Iron Man EditionHyundai Kona Iron Man EditionHyundai Tucson The Walking Dead EditionHyundai Tucson The Walking Dead EditionHyundai Tucson The Walking Dead EditionNissan Rogue Star Wars EditionChevrolet Camaro Transformers EditionChevrolet Camaro Transformers EditionCitroen 2CV 007 EditionCitroen 2CV 007 Edition
But not all movie-inspired limited-edition cars made such a big impact. Some went into the history books almost unnoticed, while others lived on as mundane production models with just a few extras. Here are five such cars that failed.Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition
We rarely see Hyundai vehicles in blockbuster films, but the South Korean automakers created quite a few special editions based on them. The Kona Iron Man Edition is one of them. Unveiled ahead of the 2018 Comic-Con, it was nothing more than a matte gray SUV with red accents on the hood, fenders, and side skirts and a matching Iron Man mask on the roof.

Sure, it also had daytime running lights with a unique lighting pattern and Tony Stark's signature on the dashboard, but Marvel enthusiasts forgot about it as quickly as you can say "Iron Man drives an Audi R8."Hyundai Tucson The Walking Dead Edition
I told you Hyundai used to have a thing for movie-related cars. This one brought together the bigger Tucson hauler and The Walking Dead series. But unlike the Kona, the Tucson was actually featured in the movie it paid tribute to, as it was featured in several episodes.

The light green TV show car became black in special-edition clothes. Show-themed accessories included red graphics on the lower body, mudguards, and floor mats.

Hyundai also dropped a "survivalist's backpack" in the trunk, but needless to say, the SUV was nowhere near as popular as the award-winning series. Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Edition
No, you're not crazy, the Nissan Rogue wasn't used in the film. And it's not fitted with pew-pew guns either. Like the Hyundais above, it's just a regular production model with blacked-out trim and movie-related easter eggs.

The list includes Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire badges on the D-pillars, similar logos on the cupholders, and illuminated "Star Wars" lettering on the door sills. Okay, the latter is kinda cool. as is the fact that it was available in either black or white, but I liked the Juke Star Wars Edition from 2013 better.

Because it also came with offset body stripes but, more importantly, the Juke looks like a Stormtrooper helmet.Chevrolet Camaro Transformers Edition
Sorry folks, but as much as I like this franchise and the Chevrolet Camaro, this limited-edition muscle car had to be on this list. Because it was a let-down. And a poor attempt to cash in on diehard fans of the film.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with a Rally Yellow pony with black stripes, Transformers door sills, and Autobot badges, but Bumblebee fans deserved more. And Chevrolet did not deliver. At least the package was available with the SS V8 trim.Citroen 2CV 007 Edition
Well, here's one that's even worse than the Camaro above. Introduced back in 1981 to celebrate the premiere of James Bond: For Your Eyes Only, this 2CV was a replica of the car that Roger Moore drove in an all-French car chase.

The car gets smashed beyond recognition, but it helps Bond escape the bad guys and sends a Peugeot 504 flying into a tree.

But no, Bond's 2CV didn't have massive "007" decals on the doors and the hood. This horrendous idea came from Citroen, as did the stick-on bullet holes.

While the movie car was also modified with an Ami 6 frame and a flat-four GS engine with twice the power, the production model was a stock 2CV with 29 horsepower. What a lemon!


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