Five Crazy Alternatives For The Design Of The U.S. Presidential Limo For 2017

The American Presidential limousine in its current design 6 photos
Photo: General Motors
Lincoln ContinentalLincoln NavigatorFord F-150 Regular CabChevrolet ImpalaDodge Challenger
America will have a new President in January 2017, and the elected President will also ride in a new car.
The two previous Presidential limousines were nicknamed “The Beast,” and General Motors built them under specifications circumscribed by the Secret Service. The name of the next U.S. Presidential limousine has not been revealed, and its design has also been kept under wraps.

The current limousine used by the American Presidential Administration features a design that turns it into a Cadillac, even though the headlights and tail lamps are not borrowed from the same model.

We realize that the next limousine will have a similar design concept, most likely with cues from Cadillac, so we thought to show you a few alternative designs for the “First Car.”

We selected five American cars that could lend their front ends as an inspiration for the vehicle that will carry the 45th President of the United States of America.

Remember, these are just for giggles, and you have to use your imagination to “fit” the front ends shown below to the chassis and body of the vehicle that is code named “Stagecoach.”

So, let’s get going, because January is coming fast and maybe the car designers at the Secret Service are feeling uninspired these days.

Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental
Photo: Lincoln
Lincoln launched the new Continental this year, and it has an excellent design. Its look is suitable for something that would be driven by a business person, but a few tweaks here and there and it will become fitting for the Commander in Chief.

Several Lincoln models have been used in the past as Presidential vehicles, so the Continental would be one of the most likely replacements from a design point of view if General Motors had not received the contract for the job.

Regardless, this article involves using your imagination, so think of this in black and with a large wheelbase. Looks good to us, and it is the only likely replacement for Cadillac if the Secret Service were to replace General Motors as its supplier.

Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln Navigator
Photo: Lincoln
Another Lincoln model that would suit the “First Car” is the Navigator. America’s President is known to travel in an SUV from time to time so that the Navigator could be the support vehicle for the next “Stagecoach.”

The Navigator is known for its flashy look, as well as its imposing lines. While the latter characteristic is fitting for a presidential vehicle, the former only suits the newly elected President of the United States of America.

We would expect the Navigator in the presidential motorcade if the Ford Motor Company will get the contract for the next Beast, which will come after the 2017 model will be launched. The Navigator’s front end could also fit on the imaginary Presidential vehicle, as the current model has parts from the Escalade’s front end.

Ford F-150

Ford F\-150 Regular Cab
Photo: Ford
The F-150 is immensely popular in the USA. We know this is a pick-up truck, and that most people that buy it employ it to haul their tools and items from one place to another, but its front end could be up for grabs if a Ford-sourced replacement of The Beast would come.

Just think about it - if the president of a country were to be driven in a car that is used by so many of the residents of that land, can you imagine anything more American than the F-150? Sticking to modern production vehicles that are built in the USA, and that are affordable for the average Joe, you do not have that many options.

While the president-elect of the USA does not drive pick-up trucks and is not known for using them personally, many voters from the states where Trump won come from places where the F-150 and its rivals are extremely popular.

 Chevrolet Impala

Chevrolet Impala
Photo: Chevrolet
The Impala is Chevrolet’s flagship sedan. It comes with a big front grille, angular headlamps, and bulging wheel arches. It reminds us of the Camaro, but it emphasizes what Chevrolet is all about these days.

Chevrolet models have not been used as Presidential limousines before, but there’s a first for everything when imagination is concerned. Unlike Cadillac, using Chevrolet’s bowtie and the look of the Impala would bring a more “down-to-Earth” look for the imposing Presidential State Car.

Just like the other propositions in this story, it is not going to happen, but if it did, POTUS would ride in a car that would look like it is one of the people. Since the elected President of the USA was never “a man of the people,” it would be an interesting change when one's image is concerned.

Evidently, the car would still be bulletproof and possess all the safety amenities of the Cadillac currently used for this task.

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger
Photo: Dodge
This is the sort of front end that is least likely to be placed on a Presidential limousine. While stretched conversions based on the Charger and Challenger have been created for recreational purposes, they are not fit for a President. However, the man who was elected to be the USA’s 45th President was also declared to be unfit for the job by Barack Obama, so why stop there?

The Challenger is a bold car that has a polarizing design. You either hate it or love it, but you cannot be in between. This description also suits the elected President of the USA, so you can see why this model is on our list.

Obviously, it is not going to occur, because the successor of “The Beast” is going to be built by General Motors, the rival corporation of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Regardless, let’s use our imagination and think about a big limousine with a Dodge Challenger front end, and with the rear from another iconic American model.

It would be used to drive the man that put his name in gold letters on a building that he uses as an office and a home. What color would that car be? Evidently, black is off the list. Should "Plum Crazy Purple" be the best option, or would it be deemed not flashy enough?
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