The prize money Floyd Mayweather received for winning is estimated at $180 million
It’s not easy to be a full-time winner these days. If a person has the decency to admit that only hard work can turn you into the best of the best, that person will move beyond the bad boy image Floyd Mayweather likes to pose for and appreciate him for what he really is.

Five Cars Floyd Mayweather Would Most Likely Buy after Winning Against Manny Pacquiao

Out of 48 fights, Floyd Mayweather Jr. won all of them, 26 by KO. He is a five-division world champion, having won eleven world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes. However, there’s another thing the 38-year-old boxer is good at which is making money.

Voices in the sports industry called the American fighter’s victory against Manny Pacquiao last week a little bit unexpected. Some say the lack of sensational turned the bout rather dull for the millions of fans who have waited years for it to happen. It was later revealed Pacquiao had an injured right arm that limited him during the fight.

Mayweather, who originally had no plans on a rematch with the Filipino fighter, later said that he would be open to a rematch after Pacquiao recovers from shoulder surgery. Who knows, maybe that’s why it seemed like the two champs were rather embracing each instead of throwing technical punches.
Floyd Mayweather's image sells big time
Nevertheless, like we said, Floyd Mayweather is not only a great fighter, he is also a very intelligent businessman. After all, he’s not rated as the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world for nothing. One of his smartest moves is the founding of his Mayweather Promotions group. The company is the same that presented Saturday’s fight along Top Rank, another highly esteemed boxing promotion company Floyd used to be part of.

Aside from his business ventures, celebrity connections and rapper friends (most of whom were present at the fight), there’s another thing Mayweather does to keep his image, and that is buying cars. Long story short, the 38-year-old boxer is called Money for a reason.

He needs people to know he lives like a king in order for his attractive merchandise sold by The Money Team to keep selling. It’s not just his winnings that sell, but his image too.
Cars are of the utmost importance to Mayweather
All these considered, we listed five new luxury cars that were recently revealed or will soon reach the market we are more than certain Floyd Mayweather will end up buying. Feel free to fill in the gaps.

Since he is a great Ferrari enthusiast owning at least a couple of 458 Italia and even an Enzo, we’re quite confident he’ll try to find a way to get a LaFerrari first. Since the Italian hybrid hypercar is not that easy to get, it’s quite possible he is already looking towards the Ferrari 488 Spider/488 GTS. After all, name one person who can resist that twin-turbo V8 sound.

Rolls-Royce is another brand Mayweather has high esteem for. Since he is a materialistic, wealthy buyer, the boxer will only go for the best of the best. We’re thinking of the somewhat recently revealed Bespoke Phantom Limelight model. The British automaker claims it comes with the best seats in the world in the back. Then there’s the unique lighting inside, the embroidery, unique door panniers that will most likely host Floyd’s expensive watch collection.

Then there’s the Huracan SV Lamborghini apparently is cooking. It would be the natural step to take for a car buyer who always collected this company's latest models. Sure, it’s a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine that has its limits, but it doesn’t mean the Italians haven’t prepared something special for this one.

Since we’re sort of talking about the Huracan, we just remembered about McLaren’s “cheap” new model. The 570S comes with a sticker price of GBP143,250 or $184,900, which could seem pocket change for people like Mayweather, who likes to pay cash for each of his new cars. It doesn't mean a McLaren wouldn't fit in perfect in his huge car fleet.

Last but not least, we have chosen the BMW i8 plug-in hybrid sportscar and that's for a reason. We’re not saying Mayweather will suddenly go green because he won’t.

Take the Tesla Model S P85D. It's a 691-horsepower beast that had a lot of petrol-power enthusiasts change their minds about EVs. Yet, Elon Musk’s favorite car currently on the market won’t fit Mayweather’s tough-guy image simply because it's too quiet. On the other hand, the i8 has a petrol engine that even sounds good to some extent, despite its small displacement.

This is why we think he could make a compromise for the sake of all his eco-conscious fans and buy BMW’s plug-in hybrids sportscar. Let’s face it, the i8 has what it takes to make everyone’s head turn while it still keeps the performance level up high.

P.S.: In case you are wondering just how much cash Mayweather won after last week’s fight, you’ll want to know this list could easily be completed with several other luxury rides. Imagine only that the prize money Floyd received for winning is estimated at $180 million, without counting all the other endorsements.


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