Five-Car Crash in Los Angeles That Injured Six Is Nearly Impossible to Explain

Monster crash in LA 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
Van Nuys, Los Angeles, California. It's close to seven o'clock on a Tuesday morning, and people are rushing to get to work. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, and the city is moving forward just like it would on any other day.
At the Sepulveda and Vanowen intersection, though, something big is about to happen. There's no way of seeing it because some things are just so absurd that no rational human being could ever conceive them. Certainly not the people sitting in a white SUV, waiting for the lights to turn green and allow them to make a left-turn.

An orange bus crosses the intersection in front of them, temporarily obscuring their field of view. That's enough to mask the approach of another white vehicle. It's an unidentified sedan that's going so fast, it would've been speeding even if it were driving on a freeway. It completely ignores the red lights and plows right through the intersection, hitting the SUV head-on as cleanly as it gets.

It's a good thing the video has no sound because I think it's the kind of dull "bang" that doesn't do justice to the severity of the accident. It would have been interesting to hear whether the offender actually tried to brake at the last moment or not, even though it would have clearly been for nothing. The two cars lock horns and physics does its job, sending the SUV some 80 feet back with a completely unrecognizable front end.

Had the tables been turned, there would have probably been nothing left of the sedan, but the sheer mass of the SUV (it appears to be either a Navigator or an Escalade, but I could be wrong) is enough to keep its occupants alive. Even so, three other cars were dragged into this incident, but these two were the most seriously damaged ones.

You have to ask yourself: what was going on in the mind of the SUV driver, as he saw the one whose car was approaching at warp speed. I mean, it was clear it wasn't going to stop - it couldn't even if it wanted to. He could have tried to get out of the way, but in situations like these sometimes the best action is not always so obvious. Moving forward and to the right must have seemed counter-intuitive (you don't go towards a car that's barrelling down at you) while hitting reverse would have definitely helped, dissipating some of the impact force even if he couldn't prevent the collision altogether. I hope at least he wasn't pressing the brake, as that would have augmented the impact for everyone inside the car.

According to the TV anchor, six people had been taken to the hospital following the crash, with the driver running the red light suffering the most severe injuries. Well, maybe there is some justice in this world. Police also said that, at this point, it doesn't look like alcohol or drugs were involved. What, then? A momentary lapse of reason? A suicide attempt? Or are we just trying to find logic where there isn't any?

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