Fisker Working to Install Five LIDAR Sensors on His EMotion EV for Some Reason

Fisker EMotion 1 photo
Photo: Henrik Fisker on Twitter
Ever since he first started talking about his new company and its first project, the EMotion electric vehicle, Henrik Fisker has been hyping things up with every chance given. And when nobody gave him any, he made one up himself.
He even went a little too far at one point when somebody found out he was leaving favorable comments under various aliases on articles that about his project, but even though that stopped, Fisker carried on. Because he still has an electric car to promote the hell out of.

After tweeting a picture of himself standing next to the car on the streets of San Francisco with a mysterious text saying he was meeting "great people in San Francisco," he has now given us a further glimpse into the development of the EMotion.

The sleek four-door electric sedan was heavily teased by Fisker before finally revealing it in full a few months later. Now that the design isn't a secret anymore, he needed to find other things to keep us interested until the actual launch planned for next year's CES in January.

Initial announcements said the EMotion would be capable of covering 400 miles on a single charge and replenish its batteries very quickly - 100 miles worth of range in just nine minutes. At the time, it sounded impossible, but maybe Fisker simply accounted for the battery advancements bound to happen before his vehicle hits the market and decided to place a bet.

The EMotion would also be completely autonomous (ready), and his latest tweet focuses on this aspect. The image published yesterday by Fisker shows the front end of the EMotion with the caption "currently working on fully integrating 5 solid-state LIDARs for 2018 CES. Not so easy..."

We have no doubt, especially for the man who designed the car, but why would it need five of them? Most cars are OK with one, and Tesla believes it can achieve Level 5 autonomy without using any, so why five? We get it, redundancy, but this is redundancy to redundancy to redundancy. He says it's the minimum you need for Level 4 autonomy, which is a first.

Having five of these devices will undoubtedly make the EMotion look as if it's got zits. Even if made retractable, they still need to pop out every time they're in use affecting both the vehicle's aesthetics and its aerodynamics.

We'll be very curious to find out more about Henrik Fisker's decision to use five LIDARs, as well as how exactly he plans to keep the cost of the EMotion down to $130,000 under these circumstances (LIDARs aren't cheap). All will be revealed next January, and presumably also teased along the way regularly.

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