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Fisker Surf at 2012 Pebble Beach

Fisker has a lot of problems recently, with the battery problems, the recent fire and the negative reviews. But on thing they aren’t lacking is the style and the pantomime required for selling an expensive hybrid car.
Right now, the company’s other projects are delayed for lack of funding. Fisker needs at least another $150 million to put the Atlantic sedan into production, and it’s much the same story with the Surf.

The EV-maker was rumored to bring a full production version of the Surf to the Paris Motor Show, which is next month. This looks highly unlikely, so we this is why we brought you a video of the Surf concept from the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The footage was shot by Brian Zuk and shows the interior and exterior of the car in action. Since the drivetrain is from the existing Karma, this concept is in perfect running condition and even has the same buzzing sci-fi fake engine noise.

The interior of the Surf looks stunning as well, but since this is supposed to be a green car, it doesn’t have any leather and only naturally fallen wood can be used.

The Surf concept looks almost production-ready, but it actually looks production ready. The shooting brake body style adds only 77 pounds (35 kg) to the total weight and it has also allowed designers to fit a much bigger solar roof panel.


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