Fisker's New Electric Sedan Unveiled, Makes Too Many Bold Promises

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Do you have a 'best angle'? You know, that side of your face that always makes you look better in photos? Because the new Fisker electric sedan clearly has one, and it definitely isn't head-on.
When Henrik Fisker started posting teaser images of his new car, he started with one picturing the car from its side. The low-key photo showed the double butterfly doors in action, but it also presented a very sleek profile that made us look forward to the full unveiling of the car.

Well, that kind of happened now (we still don't know anything about the rear), and we're less than impressed. Yes, to each their own, but we somehow doubt there are too many people there who are not visually impaired and still consider the Fisker EMotion a pretty car.

Oh, and that name... Tesla may be very childish with its S E X Y naming scheme, but at least it's not going for basic wordplay meant to emphasize the fact it's an electric car that we should like. We really are looking forward to the day when people stop thinking that putting an "e" or an "i" in front of a word is clever. That day, however, doesn't seem to be in sight at the moment.

We'd like to talk about something other than the EMotion's design, but sadly this is the only palpable thing we have so far. Sure, Fisker hasn't been shy with the claims he's made about the car, but we're still a bit reluctant to believe all that. He talks about graphene batteries that will give the EMotion its 400-mile range (640 km), but even if this technology existed, it would still be in its infancy. That means it hadn't had the time to be thoroughly tested, plus it should cost a fortune - not exactly the sort of material you would want in a car, then.

The short press release that accompanied the unveiling (which you can read down below) talks a lot about the interior space, promising the EMotion will be roomier than "its closest competitors" (that would be the Model S, since it's the only electric luxury sedan out there, which seems to be at least two-feet longer) and have "more rear legroom than many full-size luxury sedans."

That may well be the case, but looking at the car's "sporty silhouette," you can see that it could only be achieved by pushing the seats back, which in turn sacrifices the headroom. We shouldn't judge before somebody sat in the car, but still, we can't pretend we don't see these claims as being somewhat exaggerated.

The same can be said about the entire press release, actually. The only thing that sounds perfectly doable is the top speed of 161 mph (260 km/h), but apart from that, you should take everything with a mine of salt. Fisker says the car should get an official presentation halfway through 2017, with production set to start shortly in "an existing facility in the USA."

We really hope Henrik Fisker proves us wrong, but we highly doubt it. There are just too many unknowns surrounding his new business, and that sockpuppeting scandal didn't help with the company's credibility either. The only promising part is that so far he's kept his word and released the information on time.
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