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Fisker Recalls Karma for Possible Battery Coolant Leak

When is it going to end for Fisker? They have been plagued by so many problems recently, ranging from causing a garage fire, to the car simply refusing to work when tested by Consumer Reports.
Fisker Karma 1 photo
One of the main problems faced by the Karma has definitely been the faulty batteries (A123 Systems’ fault) and the improperly installed battery coolant hosing. This last problem has prompted Fisker to recall 19 additional Karsmas manufactured between September 2011 and January 2012, following an earlier recall of 239 cars suffering from the same issue.

According to Fisker, owners of the affected vehicles should not charge their car, nor should they drive it, until the problem is resolved. The manufacturer will pick up and repair the cars free of charge and then have them delivered back to their owners. With so much bad luck plaguing Fisker, it makes one wonder if they haven't been jinxed after selling one of their cars to Justin Bieber.


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