Fisker Opens Reservations for the PEAR With (Almost) Hidden Message

Fisker PEAR can now be reserved: an almost hidden message told us more about it 7 photos
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Fisker PEAR can now be reserved: an almost hidden message told us more about itFisker PEAR can now be reserved: an almost hidden message told us more about itFisker PEAR can now be reserved: an almost hidden message told us more about itFisker PEARFisker PEARFisker PEAR
Fisker announced it is already accepting pre-orders for a vehicle that nobody knows apart from the company’s and Foxconn’s engineers and designers. The closer we could get to the PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) is that it is “a digitally connected, compact, five-passenger urban EV.”

We thought we had this covered on July 7, 2021, when Henrik Fisker tweeted that the PEAR would have a “trunk mechanism never seen before.” We bet it would be a sedan built over the FP28 architecture but an almost secret message partially hidden in another of his tweets points into another direction. Here is the text:

“We pulled designers from every area of the company and started to research what are the needs of someone living in a large urban center. In the city, parking is tight and you can't open your hatch, your gym bags smell, your pizza is getting cold, you sit there wasting gas in traffic, you want to quickly send a message that you're running late, etc. We identified things that are annoying, things that add friction, things that take up time you can't afford to give up. Then we started to work on what are all of the benefits we can provide through the design and Innovation in our vehicle. Things that will make our lives better, easier, less complicated.”

Now, the company mentions, “you can’t open your hatch.” Would that mean that it is indeed a sedan and that it is more practical than a station wagon, crossover, or hatchback? Would it offer a “hatch mechanism” instead of a “trunk mechanism?” The design that hid the message above seems to be that of a sedan with a solar roof. That’s still our best bet, but we may be wrong.

The text hidden in the image suggests that the PEAR will present original ideas to make life easier, and the company confirmed that this is the goal. Fisker calls the car “a beautifully designed, affordable urban mobility device.” That’s not the best way to call an electric car, especially when people insist on attacking them as mere appliances.

Although the text got us intrigued, anything we could try to imagine to solve the issues mentioned in this text would be mere speculation – even if a fun one. In this case, we’ll prefer to wait to discover what some brave people may pay $250 right now to reserve. Call that a leap of faith.

According to Fisker, people that want to pre-order two PEARs will pay $100 for the second one. The car will be made in Ohio by Foxconn. Although Fisker did not mention where it will be at the Lordstown plant that Foxconn bought from the electric pickup maker with the same name.

Both companies have a lot of faith in what the PEAR will deliver: the “minimum initial production” for the “device” will be 250,000 units per year. At $29,900 without government incentives, price alone may make it an attractive option. At least that’s what Fisker and Foxconn expect.

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