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Fisker Karma V8 Engine Swap: Hundreds of Inquiries Received

Fisker Automotive has probably been put to sleep, but it seems that the Karma lives on thanks to a third-party company, which does away with its electric powertrain, replacing it with a V8.
Fisker Karma 1 photo
VL Productions renames the Fisker Karma “Destino”, gifting the vehicle with a GM V8 engine that allows the driver to control 556 hp. Despite the Destino’s hefty price tag of $185,000 (EUR141.000), it seems that this is already a success.

The company has reportedly already received hundreds of inquiries coming from owners who may want to bring the aforementioned V8, which comes from the Cadillac CTS-V, into their Karmas.

Bob Lutz, former GM top exec, who now works for VL Productions, recently told WardsAuto that 10 percent of those who contacted them are expected to go ahead with the conversion job. Such a move would bring a more viable future for the modified units of the Karma.

Lutz Explained that the conversion should cost around $85,000 or $90,000 (EUR65,000 or EUR69,000).

Via: Ward's Auto


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