Fisker Karma First Spotting in Dubai

This is the Fisker Karma, the best looking electric vehicle you can get for $100,000 In fact, the Karma is one of the best looking cars you can get at any price, and that’s because it was designed by an Aston Martin man, who founded Fisker.
First Fisker Karma in Dubai 1 photo
The white example you see is most likely the very first example of the Fisker Karma filmed in Dubai. Some people there have lost of money and could have afforded one as a toy, but with petrol being plentiful there, there’s not much point in using electricity.

The standard wheels on the car are 22-inch wrapped in specially designed tires. It’s also got other cool features to impress your Dubai mates, such asa a 120W solar panel on the roof and an interior made up of no dead animals. The panel also runs a fan inside the car that keeps it decently cool under the hot desert sun. Pretty nifty, huh?

Video of the first Karma in Dubai by
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