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Fisker Karma Fire - Take Two

It seems that Fikser can’t get a break these days. After one of their Karmas mysteriously burst into flames in a Texas garage, leaving a burnt shell and a destroyed garage behind it, now a car from California has caught fire, in a Woodside grocery store parking lot.
Fisker Karma Fire 1 photo
Not a lot is known about the incident, but apparently, according to Jalopnik, the car simply started smoking, then caught fire, after having been left in the parking lot for a few minutes, as its owner went inside the store to get groceries. This really looks bad for Fisker and their A123 Systems battery pack, and uncertainty surrounding the actual source of the fire will prevail, while we await the results of both the official investigation of the matter and a private one, backed by Fisker.

We honestly hope they figure out what’s wrong with the Karma, because let’s face it, it is one of the nicest new cars you could see on the road nowadays, and if it’s driven with some planning in mind, it could be completely emissions-free, so it wouln’t be the worst thing in the world if Fisker also made a good, solid and reliable car, instead of just a pretty one.

Courtesy of Aaron Wood
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