Fisker EMotion's Last Piece of the Puzzle Is Revealed, Looks Half-Questionable

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During the last days of October, Fisker started pouring out teaser images of its new car, the so-called EMotion - the apparently mandatory four-door electric sedan that all startups need to begin with.
The pictures kept coming one day after another - similar to what Faraday Future is doing right now - but then came to an abrupt end. We got to see most of the future EV, but there was this one side that eluded us.

More than one month later, Fisker decided to show that one last piece of the puzzle: the EMotion's rear end. Up to this point, our opinion of the vehicle was a bit split: we absolutely loved the side profile with its double butterfly doors and all-round aerodynamic shape, but loathed the front.

We found it to be too busy and not exactly suited for a car that doesn't only want to emphasize its sportiness, but also the luxury side. And that beak is definitely not the kind of feature you would expect on a respectable sedan, but a Chinese plastic toy.

Luckily, the EMotion is far from being completed, and everything we see is subject to changes. We hope Fisker will make use of the time he's got to intervene a little there, because the EV definitely has potential. Besides, he's the man who drew such beauties as the BMW Z8, the Aston Martin DB9 and, obviously, the Fisker Karma.

The rear is also a bit of a mixed affair. The top part, all the way down to that chromed bit in the center, looks very promising. The broad shoulders and the narrow cabin give the EMotion a coupe-like aspect, and the taillights strips are sleek and perfectly integrated. The ducktail spoiler is also a nice touch, further enhancing the EV's sporty character.

What happens below that line, though, feels like there was a shortage of inspiration. Sure, it did need something contrasting to offer a visual balance, but right now it looks plasticky and cheap. As for the air diffuser, that actually seems like a case of bad Photoshop.

All in all, though, the EMotion's behind shows plenty of promise, much like the rest of the car as well. Fisker made some bold claims about the EV's range as well (400 miles, to be exact, or 640 kilometers), something that had the opposite desired effect on people: instead of getting excited, they became wary and circumspect.

The Fisker EMotion should be officially unveiled in the flesh halfway through next year, when the company will also announce the existing facility where it plans to build it. So far, Fisker was in graphic with all of its announcements, so let's hope it'll fall in line with this one as well.
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