Fisker EMotion Caught in the Wild by... Fisker Himself (Plus More New Photos)

Fisker EMotion on the street 5 photos
Photo: Twitter screenshot
Fisker EMotionFisker EMotionFisker EMotionFisker EMotion
After his previous enterprise went bankrupt - only to be resurrected later on under another management - Fisker is now busy promoting his new one, Fisker Inc., and its first ever product: the EMotion electric sedan.
Henrik Fisker started teasing his latest creation almost a year ago, and after a series of images that revealed various details of the car, he went for the full unveiling earlier this year. The styling is definitely Fisker, but the EMotion does lose some of the refinement that made the Karma design age well enough that the car is still being sold as we speak.

However, up until this point, the only glimpses we've had of the new EV came in the form of computer renders or just truncated photographs. Now, we get to see the EMotion on the street, and with a man next to it for good reference.

The man is none other than Henrik Fisker himself, which makes it a bit weird that he was the one posting the image on Twitter. Weird, but not at all impossible. In the tweet, Fisker mentioned he was meeting 'great people' in San Francisco, and we doubt he was returning from a yoga class.

Henrik Fisker is looking for support to enter the EMotion into production, and so soon after breaking into the market, he's already had to make a few corrections to the initial claims regarding the EV. He introduced the product saying it would get a 400-mile range with extremely fast charging rates thanks to a hybrid battery that used graphene capacitors. Recently he admitted the EMotion would begin production with Li-Ion battery cells just like any other EV, but he didn't make any corrections on neither the range or the charging rates.

But featuring in his own photo is the least of Henrik Fisker's dubious promotion techniques. Last October, he and his wife were caught using fake accounts to post favorable comments on articles about the EMotion, so this "oh, I just happened to be standing next to the car, caressing its roof, when some stranger snapped a photo, hacked into my Twitter account and wrote something pretending he was me" stunt is child's play.

The Fisker EMotion can be reserved already with a $2,000 downpayment. The final cost is expected to start in the region of $130,000, but the real question nobody knows the answer to is when it will be ready? Or, indeed, IF it will ever be ready.
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