First-time Airline Passenger Opens Emergency Exit for Fresh Air Just Before Take Off

First-time Airline Passenger Opens Emergency Exit for Fresh Air Just Before Take Off 1 photo
Not everybody in this world is complaining about how flying is getting closer and closer to what commuting with the public bus feels like. For some people out there, a lot might we add, taking an airplane to get from point A to point B could be on of the things part of the bucket list.
It was the case for this first-time airline passenger who simply opened the emergency exit door of the plane he was traveling with from Hangzhou to Chengdu, China, because he needed some fresh air. Luckily the aircraft was still on the ground, just before take off, so nobody got hurt, nor was there any damage taken by the plane.

The passenger, on board the Xiamen Air flight from Hangzhou to Chengdu, caused quite the panic among his fellow travelers who instantly started taking pictures with their phones, which is how the image with the man standing with his head outside the plane spread online.

However, the airline’s maintenance team rushed to fix the safety door and the flight took off on time, Hangzhou airport staff told the Southern Metropolis Daily. Pictures show a middle-aged man wearing a blue hooded coat, poking his head out of the open door, as a stewardess was trying to convince him to back up.

Since the airplane cabin is usually pressurized, users online stated the man should be fined for his deed. However, the aircraft was not traveling at high altitude yet, in fact it didn’t even lift off the ground, so the airline said it's not planning to penalize the passenger as he had not meant any harm.

We’re not going to take sides here, but let us remind you that fear of flying or flying phobia is quite a frequent issue a lot of people around the planet get. It can be a distinct phobia in itself or it may be an indirect combination of one or more other disorders, such as claustrophobia or acrophobia.
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