First Review of All-New 2016 Audi A4: Much Better than Its Predecessor

The initial reaction to the all-new Audi A4 sedan and estate was not a positive one. However, that was mainly because it looked boring. What most people don't know is that the cars made by the Volkswagen Group are usually rendered on a computer, not photographed. In reality, the new compact executive isn't all that bad in the cosmetics department.
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Matt Watson from Auto Express did the first review of the A4 in Germany and also had the pleasure of learning about some of the features first hand from high-ranking Audi executives. He paints a much rosier picture of the BMW 3 Series rival.

It's quite interesting, this review. For starters, we learned that Audi starts with the smallest car when developing a new platform. That's because it's hard to squeeze all the components and systems into a tiny package. By contrast, the BMW and Mercedes engineers usually start with their largest cars (the 7 Series and S-Class).

In any case, while the A4 might not be as beautiful as the C-Class, it's packed with gadgets. Everything you can buy on the Q7 is also available here, including the latest Nvidia Tegra chip, a limited slip rear differential and "semi-autonomous" tech. It's amazing to see something as small as the A4 keeping lanes and adapting to traffic without driver input, just like the S-Class.

When the A3 sedan was launched a couple of years ago, this editor concluded it has far more modern equipment and virtually the same amount of cabin space as the A4. But now, the 4er is a class leader in many aspects.

The Audi powertrain engineer also has something interesting to add to this review. Apparently, the new 2-liter TFSI engine's combustion cycle essentially turns it into a 1.4-liter by closing the intake valves really early. With that kind of tech available, the somewhat cramped Lexus IS 300h could be in big trouble.

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