First McLaren P1 Real World Video: Listen to the V8!

You’ve probably heard all about the McLaren P1 already, but this video is conclusive about how the supercar and indeed the hypercar game is evolving. As far as we know, this is the first time the P1 was filmed like this, from up close, on a public road, and there’s a point to be made about the noise coming out the back.
The car the P1 fallows was another famous hypercar, the McLaren F1. At the time, it was the fastest and most expensive. It’s gold-plated engine was a BMW-souced naturally aspirated V12 from the M Sport division. The F1 arrived at a bad time and wasn’t exactly the sweetest handling machine, so actually it was a bit of a flop, and McLaren didn’t sell as many as they expected (although they don’t like to talk about this).

But now, the setup they originally thought to be crude and agricultural, a turbocharged V8, is being used for the successor. We can clearly hear the similarities between the P1’s exhaust sound and that of the MP4 which donated its 3.8-liter heart.

This video filmed by WillLilo shows some differences from the prototype shown in Paris, though if you’d like to hear about them at length you’ll have to read our spy report.


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