First-Day Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders to Get Disappointing Diecast Model

Tesla's way of selling its vehicles means it can have a much more direct relationship with its clients since it eliminates the middle-man - the car dealerships.
Tesla Model S 1:18 scale model 1 photo
Photo: Tesla Inc.
That made it simple for the company to come up with special incentives for those people who dared to place deposits for Tesla's products early on. The first Model S and Model X owners had the option of choosing the limited "Signature reservations" which, in exchange for a much larger sum of money, ensured they would get their vehicles before anyone else as well as opened up a special color ("Signature red") exclusive to these 1,000 units per market.

Once the EV maker moved into the mass market area with the Model 3, the practice was dropped. However, with people lining up in front of Tesla stores all across the globe the day before the reservation books were opened and an even larger number choosing to place their order online a little later, the company still promised "something special" for them.

The thing with this kind of vague commitments is that you can safely make them without actually having anything planned already. You're only really promising "something" because the definition of "special" is extremely subjective and can vary greatly from person to person.

We're not saying people rushed to order the electric sedan thinking primarily about that "something special" Elon Musk had promised, but it might have played a tiny role as it sunk there in the back of the head. Well, considering what it appears to be, it's a good thing Tesla waited a little before sharing it with everybody.

According to electrek's sources, it's going to be a miniature version of the Model 3. At this point, we can't tell for sure whether everybody who placed their reservation during the first day will get it, or just those who did it in person at a Tesla store, but if Tesla maintains the pattern used so far, it should be the former. After all, they've already received a thank you card signed by the Tesla CEO himself and a poster featuring a Model 3 design sketch, so why shouldn't they add a tiny (or not so tiny, if it's 1:18 scale) version of their car to the collection of memorabilia?
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Editor's note: Tesla Model S 1:18 scale model pictured

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