First Cannabis-Built and Fueled Plane Coming Next Year

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Photo: Hempearth
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We recently learned that the world’s most complete fruit, the coconut, can also aid us with hydrogen storage. But let’s not forget about the other little gift nature gave us - cannabis.
You can do a lot more with it than stare and laugh at a door knob for one hour while devouring a mix of chocolate, chips and pickles. For example, you can build and fuel a plane using a variation of the plant as this man plans to do next year.

Know your pot

To straighten things out for the sake of a coherent story here, you basically have three cannabis types - there’s the tall growing sativa (which is high in THC and gives you a “head high”), the bushy indica (which has a higher level of CBD and gives you “body high”) and finally the ruderalis type (which has almost no THC but massive amounts of CBD).

The last type is also called hemp and if you haven’t already heard about the expression “you’d need to smoke a hemp joint the size of a telephone pole to get high”, we’ll tell you it’s true. That’s because it has under 1% THC, reason why the plant is legal in some areas to be cultivated and used as a raw material.

Back to the plane

Hemp has been used for centuries to make clothes and fuels from its strong fibers. Currently, scientists found ways to build high capacity batteries out of them and now the Hempearth company in Waterloo wants to build and even power an airplane out of the stuff.

The company’s boss, Derek Kesek, wants to prove that hemp could be used to make our world “greener”. His plane will incorporate panels and other parts made out of hemp fibers, while its engine will suck up on hemp biofuel.

According to his calculations, the hemp plane will boast a significantly lower carbon footprint than any other plane we’re using today, while still meeting the business’ strict regulations.

We’re willing to see the hemp plane high in the sky next year, but there’s still a question bouncing around in our heads. How does hemp fuel smell when it gets burned?
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