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First Canadian-Made Taiga Nomad Electric Snowmobiles Are on Their Way to Their Customers

100 percent electric, versatile, easy to use, and low maintenance, Taiga’s Nomad snowmobile is made for all types of riders, regardless of their skill level. Announced last year, the Canadian-made vehicle is now finally ready to reach its first customers, with Taiga Motors recently announcing it’s just started deliveries.
Taiga Motors Nomad electric snowmobile 8 photos
Taiga Motors Nomad electric snowmobileTaiga Motors Nomad electric snowmobileTaiga Motors Nomad electric snowmobileTaiga Motors Nomad electric snowmobileTaiga Motors Nomad electric snowmobileTaiga Motors Nomad electric snowmobileTaiga Motors Nomad electric snowmobile
Even though the winter season is mostly over, I’m sure some of Taiga’s customers will be pleased to know their electric snowmobiles are on the way. Reservation holders who opted for the Nomad model will soon receive their zero-emission snow toys, with this being just one of the three models of electric snowmobiles to be released by Taiga Motors.

The other two models available are Ekko and Atlas, which are going to roll out once the company’s Shawinigan factory in Quebec becomes operational. For now, a smaller number of Nomad units are produced at a facility in Montreal.

Taiga’s 2022 Nomad electric snowmobile is a versatile vehicle suitable for anything from family outings to trail riding and workhorse tasks. It has a clean design, is easy to use, and requires little to no maintenance. It weighs 654 lb (297 kg) and measures 128.9” (327 cm) in length, 61” (155 cm) in height, with a stance of 42.3” (107.4 cm).

The snowmobile has a towing capacity of 1,125 lb (510 kg), a maximum payload of 126 lb (57 kg), and comes with a direct drive system, just like the other two models. Taiga boasts of the snowmobile featuring a “nearly indestructible toothed belt” that reduces maintenance to a minimum while maximizing performance. A 90 hp electric motor and a 23 kWh battery are included as standard, or you can opt for the performance package and get a 120 hp motor paired with a larger battery.

In the standard configuration, the Nomad offers up to 62 miles (100 km) on a charge, while with the bigger battery, you can squeeze up to 83 miles on a single charge. As for the recharging of the battery, the snowmobile can get to 100 percent in up to 14 hours with Level 1 charging and 3.5 hours with Level 2 charging. Level 3 charging is also available and will get the battery to 80 percent full in just 30 minutes.

The Taiga Nomad electric snowmobile starts at approximately $17,500.

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