First BMW X4 M Donuts Filmed in Russia, Obviously

BMW took one look at the Alfa Stelvio QV and said, "Twin-turbo six-cylinder rocket SUV? We can do that too." And so two models were born, the X3 and X4 M. German-badged and made in America, these models are nevertheless going to be extremely popular in Russia.
First BMW X4 M Donuts Filmed in Russia, Obviously 1 photo
Photo: Alan Enileev
It seems perfect for the market, which seems to enjoy every big German car, with bonus points if it sounds naughty. But the Russians also want something that can kind of drift, at least under certain conditions.

Most of the smoky donut debut videos we've seen come from Russia. It's a celebration of power and opulence, plus we're always amazed how the owners can get away with hooning at some of the most public places in Moscow.

This comes from one of the most popular reviewers/vloggers, Alan Enileev. It's quite interesting to see how the M xDrive allows for such stunts even without snow, although that little patch of dirt might have helped with the loosening of the traction.

From the outside, the new X3 M and X4 M look similar to their M40i counterparts, in contrast with the much bolder upcoming M3/M4. But it's what's on the inside that counts because these two come with a new 3-linter twin-turbo, the S58. It produces a savage 510 or 503 horsepower (depending on the measuring system). That's the same as the Alfa and the GLC 63.

Anyway, the setup of this SUV is not for the faint of heart because it jolts you over every road imperfection. So the dynamic handling abilities come at a cost, but people have indeed been begging BMW to make the top-end models more savage.

Will the Russians care? Well, the ones that just want a soft but fast daily will probably be more interested in the bigger X5 M50i that costs roughly the same money. But those who go to Topcar for lowered suspension or carbon cladding... they'll just fall in love with this.
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Оцените от 0 до 10 как исполняет X4M 😈 Меня очень удивила местная система полного привода MxDrive - с одной стороны здесь нет возможности отключить привод на переднюю ось и дрифтить на задней, как на BMW M5 F90, но… ⠀ Но когда я попробовал сделать добротного бублика, то MxDrive понял это и уже через пару вращений перешел на задний привод, это отчетливо видно по передним колесам + я это очень сильно почувствовал и обрадовался!) 🤘🏽😜 ⠀ Аппарат на каждый день просто пожар, скоро подведем итоги по опросу с ценником, он конечно же кусается, как и все крутое на рынке…) Старт от 6 820 000 рублей 😅 ⠀ p.s. а на моем лайфе Вас ждет ВЕСЬМА ДЕРЗКИЕ разогревочные бублики, ЗАЦЕНИТЕ - @alan_enileev_life ⬅️ ⠀ — ⠀ Rate from 0 to 10 how cool all new BMW X4M in donuts mode 😈 ⠀ I was really surprised how MxDrive all wheel drive system decided to switch to rear wheel drive during this madness, that’s really cool for having fun!) 🤘🏽😜 ⠀ But no official possibilities to switch off front wheel drive completely like on BMW M5 F90 🔥 ⠀ p.s. also check some HOT PRACTICING DONUTS ON @ALAN_ENILEEV_LIFE ⬅️ ⠀ — ⠀ #BMW_test #X4M_test #donuts_test ⠀ — ⠀ #BMW #BMWM #MPOWER #MPERFORMANCE #X4M #X3M #X5M #X6M #M2 #M3 #M4 #M5 #M6 #M8 #BMWRU #БМВ #donuts ⠀ — ⠀ #Moscow #Russia #Москва #Россия #car #cars #SUV #AMG #Audi #Mercedes

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