First BMW X2 Prototypes Are Just Weeks Away - Report

Just this weekend we told you that BMW finally reached consensus regarding the possibility of launching a new X2 and it seems like new sources are claiming that the first prototypes will be out in a couple of weeks. The claim comes from Autocar, that are known to have gotten things wrong in the past.
BMW X2 Rendering 1 photo
Photo: theophilus chin
However, since we’re hearing the same info on unofficial channels and our own sources seem to back this claim up, we can tell you that there’s a 90 percent chance that this report will come true.

“We’re finalising the first prototypes now,” said a source for Autocar. “They should be in action by the end of the month,” he added. That’s a really close timeframe.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise either. The X2 will be based on the X1 chassis and will be using the same UKL platform. However, there’s an ongoing debate on whether it will be marketed under the X2 name or something else, as we’ve heard different names pop up.

No matter what though, we reckon the car will be a 3-door and not a 5-door since turning the already smallish X1 into a Sport Activity Coupe would absolutely eradicate the room rear passengers get.

Under the bonnet, the same mills as on its more practical brother will be found. There will be 2-liter 4-cylinder mills available at first running on both diesel and petrol which will be joined by 1.5-liter 3-cylinder alternatives later on. A plug-in hybrid will most likely be introduced as well.

Rumors also claim that a 300 HP version could be launched as part of the M Performance Automobile program. This would imply using a 2-liter 4-cylinder turbo unit with a significantly higher output than what we have on the table today.

Some outlets even went as far as to claim that there will be an xDrive35i model available but that’s just not feasible. First of all, the UKL platform won’t fit a longitudinal 3-liter inline 6-cylinder under the bonnet. There simply wouldn’t be enough room under there and BMW can’t afford to develop a whole new chassis and body for the X2 alone, therefore the need to share things with the X1.

Second, the xDrive35i models will be replaced in the future with xDrive40i ones that use the new B58 engine from BMW that makes 326 HP instead of the old 306 HP of the N55 plants.

Last, but not least, the room inside the cabin would be drastically affected by the old xDrive system, and that’s simply not an option for the already small crossover.

Speaking of which, inside the cabin, the same layout and design will await as on the X1 with the same materials being used. Knowing how BMW does business, we’re guessing the X2 will be priced slightly higher than its brother when it comes out, but that won’t happen until 2017 so things might change in the meantime.
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