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First Android Auto 7.8 Version Now Available for Download

Google has recently released the very first beta of Android Auto 7.8, and thanks to the APK installer, this version can be downloaded even on devices that aren’t part of the testing program.
This is the new-generation Android Auto 6 photos
The new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UIThe new Android Auto UI
You can find the Android Auto 7.8 beta APK on this page.

Of course, the first question that comes to mind is what exactly is new in this update. As per Google’s typical approach, these updates don’t come with a changelog, so it’s entirely up to users to figure out what’s been changed.

But as it turns out, the most notable addition is an Android Auto beta notification system that lets users know when a new version is available. In other words, if you’re part of the beta program, you should end up seeing a new notification on your Android device whenever a new testing build goes live.

The wording isn’t necessarily the most straightforward, as the notification is titled “Testing Android Auto setup” and tells users to “go through setup again next time you connect.

And now, here’s what is not available in Android Auto 7.8. If you’re waiting for the Coolwalk update, the new beta build doesn’t come with any news on this front, as Android Auto still features the old UI for the time being.

We already know that Coolwalk is supposed to come later this year, but at this point, it just looks like the work on this major overhaul continues, and Google isn’t ready yet to start the public rollout to devices out there. Of course, there’s still no ETA as to when Android devices could be provided with the Coolkwalk update.

Most likely, Android Auto 7.8 includes some fixes as well, but we’ll probably discover them in a few days as more people install the beta. If everything goes well, the public rollout should start through the Google Play Store by the end of the month.


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