"Fire Hazard" Porsche 911 GT3s Spotted at the Mall in Dubai and Vienna

After as many as five (2 of them confirmed by Porsche) brand new 911 GT3s reportedly caught fire, it looked like Stuttgart had a veritable marketing disaster on its hands. To make sure these "disasters" were not repeated, the company issued a statement pulling all 785 models to the curb. The only problem: the owners are rich and are doing as they please!
Porsche 911 GT3 in Dubai 1 photo
Until Porsche actually figures out what's wrong with the GT3 and how to fix it, a recall can't be issued. Which is why the first video we're about to show you features a 2014 Prosche 911 GT3 in the valet parking area next to the Mall of Emirates in Dubai. A potential fire hazard is right there, next to a mother and her baby, totally oblivious to the fact that there could be a problem with the car.

The second video was shot indoors at the Riverside Shopping Mall, Vienna. A car that could spontaneously burst into flames placed next to innocent bystanders doing their shopping – that doesn't sound right.

Of course the chances of a car catching fire while standing still with the engine off are next to zero. The official cause of the fires is not yet known, but is rumored to be oil leak, unlikely to occur at the mall. Still… you never know.

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