Finally: There is a Skoda Crash Compilation Video!

We've shown you crash compilations with all sorts of models and brands, but something was missing: Skoda! Hopefully, over the course of this story, we'll convince you that the buyers of this Czech car brand are just as bad as everybody else.
Finally: There a Skoda Crash Compilation Video! 5 photos
Photo: Skoda
Finally: There a Skoda Crash Compilation Video!Finally: There a Skoda Crash Compilation Video!Finally: There a Skoda Crash Compilation Video!Finally: There a Skoda Crash Compilation Video!
With taglines like "Simply Clever," you're tempted to think that Skoda customers are more sensible than everybody else. The only ones who crash are the pensioners with dull reflexes, right? Wrong.

Older Skodas used to be cheaper ways to gain access to Volkswagen's turbocharged engines. That's how the brand was built, but even though prices are pretty much on par, the Octavia is one of the most popular imports in Russia and the most popular car in Poland. You're going to catch a glimpse of that in the video.

Likewise, the large Superb sedan seems to make the egos of some drivers balloon out of proportion, to the point where they see themselves as kings of the road.

Of course, like in every car crash compilation, there are moments when you don't feel like calling the driver an idiot, like the motorcycle crash at the 3-minute mark. You're stuck in traffic for hours, moving at half a mile per hour, so avoiding a lane splitter going at least 50 clicks is impossible. But there are a couple of colossal knuckleheads here, including some angry taxi drivers and clueless Fabia owners. I can never look at a Fabia the same way again after this video.

But there are also many instances where we suspect there's something wrong with Russian-spec vehicles. Often, we read about locally assembled foreign cars that aren't fitted with ESP to make them cheaper. We couldn't spin a car in the rain like that if we tried!

Sure, Skoda doesn't make RWD cars, but it does have the Octavia RS, which encourages spirited driving. See if you can spot at least one in the video.

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