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Finally a Hot Fiat 500, Should We Call It a Flip It Again Tony?

Vegans, looks away, because several animals have died in order for this Fiat 500 to prove its worth. Heck, even the car itself died and reincarnated into a barbecue, with a Mercedes flair.
Fiat 500 BBQ 6 photos
Fiat 500 BBQFiat 500Fiat 500Fiat 500Fiat 500
This is literally a ‘hold my beer’ moment, as some of those burgers need to be flipped. To do so, one will have to approach the carbecue and sit under the gullwing doors that can otherwise protect them from the sun and occasional shower.

As glass and fire don’t go hand in hand, the windows were replaced by metal sheets all around. The hard material was applied to other parts of the interior as well, making sure that the fire doesn't spread, and the finishing touch, well, sort of, is a light bulb.

The oily bits were removed in order for this old city car to become a true barbecue on wheels, and the body panels, some chrome trim, and lighting units were kept in place. The only thing needed is a beverage cooler, but heck, it shouldn’t be too hard to turn the cargo area into one. Or even better, to get another old Fiat 500 and turn it into the ultimate outdoor fridge.

If this seems like the only thing missing from your backyard and don’t want to turn an old vehicle into a barbecue on your own, then Google is definitely your friend. That's because you could land one that doesn’t break the bank, and there are quite a few to choose from.

You should hurry up, though, if you want to beat your rich neighbor to it, as there is a small possibility that someone at Rolls-Royce and/or Bentley has already looked at this picture, and they are rubbing their hands. Their barbecues would look fancier and cost a lot of money, but the steaks, hotdogs and burgers would taste the same.

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