Fiat Calls Upon the Likes of Microsoft To Build a Metaverse Buying Experience Just for You

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500 La Prima by Bocelli500 La Prima by BocelliFiat MetaVerse StoreFiat MetaVerse StoreFiat MetaVerse StoreFiat MetaVerse Store500 La Prima by Bocelli500 La Prima by Bocelli
Sure, NFTs and cryptocurrency may not be booming anymore, but one aspect of the digital reality movement is still moving, according to one automaker, Fiat. Welcome to a whole new way of doing business.
The ability to explore and purchase a car from the comfort of your own home seems like a godsend for the individual, and that's precisely what Fiat is up to. According to a press release from the vehicle manufacturer, current and future customers and lovers of the brand can now explore the company's lineup from the comfort of their seats, wherever it may be, with no need for VR gear. Oh, it's all happening in the Metaverse, even going as far as calling the new concept the Fiat Metaverse Store. Oddly enough, things are more elaborate than you just strolling some digital halls, so let's look at what I can only call the future of shopping.

Think about it for a second, because there's a whole bunch going on with a move like this, be it for the company or the customer. From a company standpoint, imagine no longer having to maintain dealerships and all the personnel that come along with one. Because your customers are simply sitting around, browsing your stock in a digital interface, there's no need for a physical showroom. This means more cash in the pockets of Fiat's higher-ups.

But there's a double-edged sword effect to all this: no longer needing a workforce to maintain said dealerships and vehicles. This means more cash in Fiat's pockets again, but less money in the hands of the workers under Fiat's rule. Even more, it means no dang jobs! Yes, Fiat is taking Fiat's jobs, and loving every minute of the returns.

Fiat MetaVerse Store
Photo: Fiat
However, it's not all death to the worker bee. The new digital purchasing experience involves talking to "a real Fiat expert" or "Fiat Product Genius." The automaker calls it "A very simple and human-led brand experience..." And yes, it's a real person available to answer your inquiries in real time. I wonder if they, too, are going through the whole ordeal in their underwear. According to the images in the gallery, your "expert" is wearing a suit, only over the upper body, so my curiosity is valid. Nonetheless, this shows that not all jobs are lost. That's until AI is smart enough to identify your questions and feed proper answers. Don't worry; no news of dealerships closing has yet been released.

Now, to make this happen, Fiat clearly didn't work alone; they're an automotive designer and manufacturer and have no business with the digital world. That's where Microsoft and Touchcast come in. They're the ones responsible for the entire ecosystem and experience that you and your friends can be a part of.

500 La Prima by Bocelli
Photo: Fiat
If you ever want to go through this one-to-one digital journey, there are a few things you need to do, and the first is to book an appointment. This is probably to prepare that real human to walk you through the experience. According to Fiat's website, you can book an appointment starting yesterday, with countless times available for consultation. Once you're in, you can talk to your metaverse buddy and customize cars according to their body, color, interiors, and various other features.

But there's a catch. So far, only the new 500 La Prima by Bocelli, the "flagship," is the vehicle that can be explored through this digital channel. Nonetheless, if this feature makes things more enjoyable for the customer and efficient for the company, I'm sure we'll see other Fiat models introduced into this ecosystem. After all, there are clear benefits for both company and the customer to do so. Imagine not having to brave winter weather just to make it down to a local Fiat dealership. What dealership?
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