Fiat Aegea Gets More Down To Earth Wagon Version in Latest Renderings

Remember the renderings that showed Fiat's latest sedan wearing the Abarth uniform? Well, you can forget about them because we all know an Aegea Abarth is just another unicorn from Pixel Land.
Fiat Aegea SW 3 photos
Fiat Aegea SWFiat Aegea SW
However, Fiat announced they will build an Aegea hatchback and an Aegea wagon to complement the sedan in their line-up, a decision that not only makes sense but also fits the picture better than a performance saloon. And considering the Aegea sedan will be available in 40 markets around the globe, the wagon will most likely follow through.

Theophilus Chin didn't waste any time and imagined how the C-segment model would look in family-oriented setup, that is in SW configuration.

Looking at the pictures, we would incline to say the Aegea wagon would look better than the sedan it is based upon, but we're not sure everyone will agree on this.

In any case, besides the sweet face and appealing rear end, a potential Aegea wagon would also make a statement in terms of practicality and space generosity towards the occupants.

Storage capacity should jump by 50 liters

In sedan form, the Aegea is already offering sufficient room for five passengers and a boot capacity of over 510 liters, which means the estate would build from that so we would expect at least 50 liters more when it comes to the cargo space in the trunk.

Fiat also announced the Aegea will be assembled in Turkey, at their facility in Bursa, despite the design being a 100 percent Italian creation. The engine compartment will host two diesel choices and two petrol options, with power outputs varying from 95 to 120 horsepower, put to good use via an automatic or manual gearboxes.


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