Fiat Aegea Abarth Makes No Sense, At Least Looks Cool

In a world where some consider the Abarth 500 the ultimate pocket-rocket for urban acoustic hooliganism, designers are envisioning Fiat sedans wearing the scorpion badge. Because, why not?
Fiat Aegea Abarth 1 photo
We all know this had to happen sooner or later. Someone eventually thought about rendering the recently-announced Fiat Aegea in Abarth clothing, and that someone is X-Tomi Design.

We'll break it to you from the very start: considering the Aegea is a sedan meant to rival the likes of Dacia Logan, Renault Fluence or Skoda Rapid, a performance version would simply be useless for the same reason we don't get a Fluence touched by RenaultSport's wand. But for art's sake, we can let this aspect pass and focus on the rendering.

It's impressive how much difference can be made by a flashy touch of red paint on the outer shell coupled with a set of racing-like wheels. Add the familiar Abarth stripe and blacked out roof recipe and you're in for a good looking car. Utterly useless, but attractive to some extent.

Whereas the Aegea will benefit from power outputs located in the 95-120 HP range, it would be - hypothetically speaking - interesting to see how much would Abarth be able to raise the bar. I'm thinking about a 1.4-liter mill pumped-up to produce around 180 HP.

It would indeed involve a lot of Fiat's initial fuel efficiency figures being thrown out the window, but everything has a price, right?

Well, enough daydreaming, because the most exciting feature of the Aegea would probably by the boot, foreseen to offer over 510 liters of cargo space.


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