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Fiat 500 XXL Is a Cute Monster Truck of Fantasy

A tentacle alien under the hood? Sure. Hollywood never stops dreaming up new ways to present a car, so we shouldn't either. Here's the 500 XXL, which sits somewhere between a monster truck and a Baja buggy. It's the kind of thing you want in Jurassic Park if all the dinosaurs were babies or picking up girls at a beach resort where there are no Jeep owners.
Fiat 500 XXL Is a Cute Monster Truck of Fantasy 1 photo
In America, the Fiat 500 is just a quirky little car for weird people who make money, but nobody knows what they do, as RegularCars once put it. It's overpriced, too small and slow, but compensates for everything with its unique retro look.

This rendering is made by Rain Prisk, who made cyberpunk renderings before people even knew what cyberpunk was. Over the past couple of months, he's been converting every icon into an off-roader, which means we could be looking at a new design current. What do we call it... offroadpunk... bajapunk? Are they going to make a game about it or maybe even a movie?

While we figure that out, let's look at the work he's done. The tiny 500 sits on massive bead-lock tires and portal axles. It's got fender flares for days. In fact, we'd estimate that it's now 50% wider than stock. The front bumper looks like it's stolen from the Fiat Panda and even boasts a bull bar with LED halos.

If this car were real, it would draw a lot of attention, as its engine pops the exhaust right out of the hood. Also, it seems prepared for anything with a roof rack and leather straps everywhere. We're all thinking about the zombie apocalypse, but nobody makes any cars for narrow medieval Italian cities. And we'd like to imagine this little buggies could be retrofitted with shotgun ports and grenade launchers.


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