FIA Investigates Renault's "Crash-Gate"

With media calling it the "crash-gate" incident, here is Formula One's latest scandal. Formula 1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone, said in a series of interviews for auto sport media that FIA is currently investigating Nelson Piquet's crash from Singapore last year.

The 78-year-old Briton didn't say who was behind the accusations, but media already suspects Nelson Piquet Jr. and his father could be the ones behind the spark of the scandal in an attempt to get back at Renault for sacking Piquet Jr.

The accusations claim Renault fixed Piquet's crash from Singapore in order to help Alonso win. The charges are however, very vague and with Ecclestone not revealing further information, the case remains obscure.

"The FIA has launched a thorough investigation into the allegations about Nelson. I do not know if they are true or not," said Ecclestone, who also added there will be serious consequences, for both Piquet Jr. and Renault, if FIA discovers the accusations to be true.

"But if they are true then I would have thought Nelson was in just as much trouble. If I tell you to go and rob a bank and you get caught you can't say, 'Well Bernie told me to'. It all seems very strange to me and I do not know the truth," continued the 78-year-old Briton.

"If it is true then it is a very serious situation. But it could just be a rumour and Nelson is just annoyed that he has been fired. But it is not good for the sport. People seem to be spending money betting on F1l, which is good, but they will not want to do that if they think something is wrong with the result," declared Ecclestone.

Fearing that the French manufacturer might be tented to pull out of the sport as a result, Bernie declared: "This is not the sort of thing we need at the moment. I think it will p*** off Renault for a start. Them leaving the sport is a danger, obviously. I mean, I hope that it isn't like that, but it's the sort of thing that might happen."

Below is the video of the crash FIA is investigating.

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