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Ferrari Testarossa Rear-Ends Police Car in Texas, Not a Minor Crash

Thanks to Miami Vice, the Ferrari Testarossa has had a special relationship with the police. In spite of that, there’s one redhead (the literal translation of the Fezza’s name) that certainly doesn’t get along with cops too well. To be more specific, we’re talking about the Yellow example that rear-ended a police car earlier this week.
Ferrari Testarossa Rear-Ends Police Car in Texas 3 photos
Ferrari Testarossa Rear-Ends Police Car in TexasFerrari Testarossa Rear-Ends Police Car in Texas
The crash took place at the Interstate 610 and Yale junction in Houston, Texas and saw the Maranello creation seriously slam into a Crown Victoria. The adjacent photos of the crash were snapped by a Reddit user who just happened to run some errands in the area.

As you can see in the photos, this wasn’t exactly a light crash. While Crown Vics wearing police uniforms are expected to go though such unfortunate happenings, the Ferrari was pretty shaken in the accident. The entire front end of the car is ruined, with the driver’s side door mirror hanging.

The man who shot the scene happens to run a body shop that, according to him, has already taken care of a few high end vehicles and he explains he was pretty tempted to leave the folks this business card. However, the expression on the policemen’s faces is what drove him away.The I-610 seems to hate Ferraris
If you happen to be behind the wheel of a vehicle with the Prancing Horse badge and reach the I-610 in Houston, be careful - the area seems to hate Ferraris.

For instance, back in 2011 a Ferrari F40 driver lost control and crashed into a building, with the resulting damage being considerably worse than in the case of this Testarossa.

Or perhaps these Ferrari drivers are just careless about their Prancing Ponies...


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