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Ferrari Street Racing in the Rain Insane Crash Save

This is a simple story about how not to mix a rear-wheel drive supercar with rain, speed and abused tires. The scene in set inside a Ferrari F430, which is chasing another F430 in the rain, with the two traveling at a pretty high rate of speed.
The driver is having a pretty difficult time keeping up with the F430’s twin brother in front of him (the two are involved in some sort of street racing) as the worn out tires of the car don’t manage to channel the water on the road.

However, he decided to continue the play, but the inevitable happens and, during a wide right-hand corner, the back end steps out violently. This takes place at the 4:15 mark. The man countersteers and finds himself on full opposite lock for a frightening number of seconds.

The F430, which was heading towards getting off the road, manages to loose its speed and come to a stop, barely missing unfriendly objects on the side of the road, such as a guardrail, a telephone pole and others.

What can we say? The leather on the seats must’ve seen a lot of sweat.


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