Ferrari SF90 Stradale Full LED "Wrap" Looks Like a Disco Ball

Owning a supercar without having its paint protected feels a bit like sacrilege these days. After all, there are tons of ways to keep your go-fast machine safe with a second skin, with some of these even being included in automakers' aftersales offers. However, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale "wrap" we have here is something else - for one thing, this is a rendering, albeit a rather elaborate one.
Ferrari SF90 Stradale Full LED "Wrap" 1 photo
For one thing, the Prancing Horse won't start delivering the 1,000 hp hybrid to its owners until Spring 2020, so it would be impossible to look at an aftermarket job based on the gas-electric Fezza.

Then there's the lunacy of this Paint Protection Film - at the touch of the button, the thing can change colors as if it was an instrument dedicated to enriching night life.

Of course, this also means we have to talk about the smart key that controls the toy - we can only expect the key fob to offer other intelligent features, such as allowing one to control the infotainment system of the car (while we're talking about what might be the world's wackiest disco, why wouldn't we take the aural side into account?).

In fact, the whole smart key story is linked to Bat.Not.Bad, the digital art label behind this brief video. The pixel wielder we're talking about has gifted the Internet with plenty of such imagination fruits.

In fact, this kind of smart keys make the ones that are actually on sale seem a bit limited. And what better way to illustrate this than to compare the way in which Koenigsegg owners customize their key fobs in the real world with the virtual creation of the said label?

Returning to the disco ball attire of this Ferrari SF90 Stradale, here's an oddball-grade tuned Ferrari trying to achieve a somewhat similar effect over in Tokyo.


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