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Ferrari Reportedly Made $94,315 On Average for Every Car It Sold In 2019

Before going any further, it should be highlighted that the numbers we’ll be discussing in this story come from Fiat Group World. The non-official site for everything related to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles highlights that Volkswagen is the bigger automaker by revenue and Toyota by profits in 2019, yet only two OEMs have managed to post double-digit growth figures last year.
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Tesla – which is more of an outliner because of its different business model – is “burning money in order to grow the business.” The operational loss of €61.6 million translated to €168 lost for each car the American automaker sold in 2019 despite a revenue of 21.94 billion or 15 percent better than in 2018.

Ferrari, however, is completely different. Not only did the Italian automaker sell fewer cars than Tesla (10,131 units in 2019), but the Prancing Horse has also posted an operational margin of 23.2 percent. Otherwise put, Ferrari has profited “more than €86,000” or $94,315 on each car sold.

That may come as impressive, but the 2018 operational margin of 86,801 euros per vehicle is superior to the 2019 result. Given this information, the introduction of the Purosangue utility vehicle should boost the Italian company’s profits to unprecedented levels. Even the late Enzo Ferrari would have a hard time getting his head around the automaker’s future operational margin.

Fiat Group World has also made an infographic about the number of cars that other automakers need to sell in order to equal the earnings of a single Ferrari. BMW leads the list with 30 units, Fiat Chrysler is somewhere near the middle with 95, and Nissan is at the bottom of the rankings with 926 units.

The source of these figures reads “manufacturers” at the bottom end of the article, and given the lack of transparency in this industry, there’s no denying that some numbers may not reflect reality. Nevertheless, the results posted by Ferrari should make direct competitors such as Lamborghini and McLaren Automotive scratch their heads in awe.


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