Ferrari Purosangue Crossover Caught on the Street With Big Hump, Production Wheels

Ferrari Purosangue spied with strange hump 9 photos
Photo: Varryx / YouTube screenshot
Ferrari Purosangue spied with strange humpFerrari Purosangue spied with strange humpFerrari Purosangue spied with strange humpFerrari Purosangue spied with strange humpFerrari Purosangue spied with strange humpFerrari Purosangue spied with strange humpFerrari Purosangue spied with strange humpFerrari Purosangue spied with strange hump
With every new spotting of Ferrari's Purosangue, it gets clearer and clearer that we're dealing with a good news, bad news situation. The bad news is pretty obvious, and it's been with us ever since the first serious rumors about the crossover first surfaced: Ferrari is adding weight to the SUV craze by joining it.
The good news, however - and this one has been around for a while too - is that the Purosangue will be far from what we tend to call an SUV. If what we've seen so far is anything to go by (and it should, considering these cars are most likely pre-production prototypes), you could barely classify it as a crossover (CUV), let alone a full-blown SUV.

The Purosangue is meant as the successor for the GTC4Lusso, which, as we all know, was a three-door shooting brake with four seats and all-wheel-drive. By the looks of it, the Purosangue might just be a slightly jacked-up evolved version of this model with an extra set of doors added for more practicality.

With so many people stationed outside Ferrari's headquarters in Maranello, keeping the Purosangue secret and testing it out on the road turned out to be absolutely impossible. That means we got to see the model's evolution from various mules to what looks like a production-ready specimen you'll see in the clip below.

The camouflaged crossover (we'll settle for that descriptor for now) received a weird hump at the back. Padding the camouflage to hide the body shape is nothing new, but the peculiar part is that we've seen the Purosangue before countless times without it, so Ferrari had no apparent reason to start being deceitful this late in the testing phase.

As far as we can tell, there are three options: first, Ferrari is just toying with us, putting the swell just so we'll all lose years of our lives wondering what it's hiding (not cool, Ferrari); second, we're looking at a Purosangue with some sort of a spoiler at the rear, though it feels a bit unlikely given how the Italians have usually opted for a discreet design approach for this line of products; finally, there is a slight possibility that the bulge is caused by the tailgate being open. It does look a bit too narrow and why Ferrari would be testing that is anybody's guess, but it is a possibility, even if an unlikely one.

The bit more worth talking about is the wheels. Until now, test cars have been seen wearing wheels two sizes too small borrowed from existing models. These ones, however, seem to fit the CUV a lot better and, since they're completely covered in blue tape, we venture to guess they're the ones we'll see on the final product.

Speaking about that, the Purosangue production has been confirmed for a 2022 debut, with deliveries set to start nearly next year. Normally, news of a very expensive SUV coming to market would only cause ripples among the world's one percent, but since it's a Ferrari, the remaining 99 percent will care more than it really should as well.

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