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Ferrari Lambo SF90 Aventador Feels Like Virtual Supercar Breeding at Its Quirkiest

Automotive rivalries are known to bear eccentric fruits – they can turn into an all-out war but might also spawn very odd partnerships. Just look at the curious case of the shared G29 BMW Z4 and fifth-generation Toyota GR Supra.
Ferrari Lambo SF90 Aventador CGI mashup by photo.chopshop 7 photos
Ferrari Lambo SF90 Aventador CGI mashup by photo.chopshopCGI mashups by photo.chopshopCGI mashups by photo.chopshopCGI mashups by photo.chopshopCGI mashups by photo.chopshopCGI mashups by photo.chopshop
Back when the A80 Supra was all the rage among underground racers and tuners at the end of the crazy 1990s, did anyone – including BMW and Toyota enthusiasts – ever thought that one day their beloved JDM-flavored sports car would speak Swedish? Sorry, I mean Austrian! Now it not only has BMW turbo mills under the hood and an interior that’s almost Z4 in nature, but it also gets produced alongside its BMW sibling at the Magna Steyr factory in Graz, Austria.

And in a world where even Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, and Ferrari want to brawl across the high-riding segment, anything is possible, right? Well, not quite, at least for now. So, the virtual realm takes over and automotive pixel masters imagine the rest. Including (im)possible CGI mashups that we do not know how to categorize: laughable, frightening, or darn right foolish! But here is an example of what we mean.

Henry Andrus, a virtual artist better known as photo.chopshop on social media, has a prolific imagination when it comes to mashups, including Italian ones, as it seems. After we have seen quite a lot of horrendous creations, including a Porsche 918 Shelby GT350R, a Koenigsegg CCX A90 GR Supra, an EV Aston Martin One-77 Rivian R1T, and even a Toyota Bentley Land Cruiser appearing as a stormtrooper-disguised Flying Spur rebel, now it is time for Lambo and Ferrari to tie the proverbial CGI knot.

And we do not know if to laugh, run amuck in fear, or shout out the inner outrage at the sight of a Ferrari SF90 Stradale hybrid supercar that was bred with the Lamborghini Aventador to morph into an exotic monster. Oh, well, perhaps we are just getting too old and have started to become less CGI inclusive than before.

Editor's note: Gallery includes other CGI mashups by the same author.


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