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Ferrari, Lambo and Porsche "Collector" Shares the Cost of Fixing Broken Exotics

Sometimes it can be difficult to choose between the various types of thrills Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches can offer. So why not own contraptions coming from all three marques?
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Before you point out that not everybody has a dozen spare kidneys to sell, allow us to mention that the market currently holds some decade-old machines (some are even older) whose prices have reached the point where they become interesting for less-than-millionaires.

We're talking about stuff such as the Ferrari 360 or the 996-generation Porsche 911 (watch that well-known IMS failure risk in the Carreras, though). But we're not here to keep things at a theoretical level.

Instead, we want to slide down the real world route and let a "collector" tell us how much maintaining a four-supercar garage costs. We've added the quotes since we're talking about superspeedersRob. The man is all grown up now, so instead of running away filming a mysterious driver running away from the police in a Ford GT, he maintains a small collection of senior go-fast machines. But this is the kind of aficionado who drives the hell out of his cars.

However, since he lives in New York, Rob has to go all hibernation on his machines over the winter. Despite keeping them in a controlled temperature garage and making all the necessary preparation, these vehicles broke down over the cold season.

Before we move any further, we feel the need to explain we're dealing with a Ferrari 360 Spider, a 360 Coupe (Prancing Horses have a talent for stirring up a man), a Lamborghini Murcielago and a 996 911 GT3.

In the first video below, Rob explains the issues his rides developed over the winter, while the second clip sees him talking about the repair costs. And we'll risk spoiling a bit of the fun by telling you things aren't as bad as you might expect.

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