Ferrari Hybrid Supercar Spied Lapping Fiorano Track, Sounds Like a V6?

It's no secret that Ferrari is currently working to hybridize an important part of its future vehicle range. And while the LaFerrari was a mere gas-electric experiment, the company is currently working on a more serious (plug-in) hybrid, which would offer lowered emissions and a respectable all-electric range. Well, a prototype of the Ferrari hybrid was recently spotted testing. As you'll notice in the pice of footage at the bottom of the page, the gas-electric tester was seen doing its thing on Ferrari's Fiorano test track. The Italians always cover the prototypes with the heaviest camouflage available and the example we have here is no exception. Even so, it looks like we're dealing with a 488-based test mule. To us, the thing sounds like a V6, which comes to confirm the rumors talking about the carmaker preparing a gas-electric setup involving this configuration. The powertrain we have here, which should also involve turbocharging (it's unclear if we're talking about exhaust gas- or electrically-driven compressors) is set to become an option for both a Ferrari sportscar and the company's future SUV (the Italians would rather call it the Ferrari Utility Vehicle). The big Maranello picture
Ferrari Hybrid Supercar Spied Lapping Fiorano Track 4 photos
Ferrari Hybrid spiedFerrari Hybrid spiedFerrari Hybrid spied
As anybody who loves cars and has an Internet connection is well aware, Ferrari is going through a lot of changes this decade. The Prancing Horse is now listed on the stock exchange, many of its models are going hybrid and the leadership switch that saw the late Fiat-Chrysler CEO taking over from Luca di Montezemolo had to take a new path when the former passed away earlier this year.

Louis Camilleri, the new Maranello boss, has am ambitious plan to release 15 new models by 2022, with the fresh lineup being dominated by gas-electric models. The CEO also aims to boost the already hefty profit margin of the company, going from the current 30 percent to 38 percent.

Ferrari's lineup will grow, being split into multiple areas. We'll have the Sports tier, which will include models like the 488 and the 812 Superfast, the GT, which is set to accommodate vehicles like the upcoming SUV and the hyper range. The latter will be comprised of truly special proposals, such as the recently born Icona series (think: the Paris-released Monza SP1 and SP2, which fully connect to the carmaker's heritage).

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