Ferrari FXX K with Roses Wrap Is The Wildest Hypercar Ever

It is now safe to say the hypercar genre has matured. No, we are not referring to the environmental tolerance shown by the hybrid triumvirate we all love. Instead, we can now call the breed “mature” simply thanks to the fact that it has enough members to please us enthusiasts.
Ferrari FXX K with Roses Wrap 1 photo
This also means we can now choose a leader for the hypercar world. Such a process isn’t easy though. At first, narrowing the circle of suspects seems easy, as one would only have to choose between the LaFerrari-P1-918 Spyder petrol-electric triumvirate. But what if you enjoy a more analogue experience and you’re ready to go without the benefits of hybridization?

Your answer does not matter, and that’s because we believe we’ve come across the leader we were seeking. Hypercars are all about power and absurd numbers, right?

Well, the Ferrari FXX K in the pic above ticks both the “numbers” and the “absurd” boxes, so it gets the title. This is the racing incarnation of the LaFerrari, but we’ll returning to that shortly.

We’d like to mention its “Roses Are Red” wrap first. We couldn’t get more information on this particular example of the car, but if that wrap is real (read: not a Photoshop job), this has to be the wackiest machine we’ve seen in a while. There's a rumor going around stating the inspiration for this one came from China.

As for the tech side, this car was built to celebrate a decade of Ferrari customer racing. This thing can lap Ferrari’s Fiorano track a full five seconds quicker than a street-legal LaFerrari. For one thing, you have to pay about $3 million (EUR 2.5 million) to grab one and you probably won’t be able to take it home.

Maranello hasn’t specified this, but their FXX cars are usually held by the company, with the owners being flown to various events where they get to drive what they paid for. That’s wild enough in our book.

Photo via: Shmee150


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