Ferrari FXX K Doing Over 200 MPH on the Daytona Oval Will Give You Eargasms

Ferrari's Finali Mondiali 2016, an event that saw the Prancing Horse taking over the Daytona International Speedway over the past weekend, was so packed with action that new goodies from the monstrous 800-car Fezza gathering keep rolling in.
Ferrari FXX K hooning at Daytona 5 photos
Ferrari FXX K hooning at DaytonaFerrari FXX K hooning at DaytonaFerrari FXX K hooning at DaytonaFerrari FXX K hooning at Daytona
Let's take the piece of footage below, for example. The sheer idea that this was captured from inside a Ferrari FXX K whose driver plays the role of a (throttle) welder is enough to give one goosebumps.

During the run, you'll get to see the $3 million racing incarnation of the LaFerrari passing the 200 mph (make that 322 km/h) mark. You could probably wear a blindfold while this video was playing and still be entertained.

With the 848 naturally-aspirated ponies of the thing's V12 screaming at the top of the lungs, this 1,036 hp contraption is basically a rollercoaster with a control interface.

With Maranello only producing 40 units of the FXX K (the Italians are acting as if this is a standalone model and not a LaFerrari derivative), these things have been racing for about one year and a half, but the kind of experience they provide still feels as fresh as the first run they delivered.

Perhaps the best part of this run is that the track-bound Prancing Horse didn't even hit its 217+ mph top speed during this run - it's always nice when you know you still had a bit of velocity potential left, despite the drag being proportional to the square of speed.

And speaking of road car-derived Maranello track machines, the automaker used the Finali Mondiali to unveil its latest racecar, the 488 Challenge. The one make series animal packs the same 661 twin-turbo horses as the street car, but manages to make even better use of its power.

To put things into perspective, we'll mention that, on Ferrari's 1.862-mile Fiorano test track, the 488 Challenge sits 1.5 seconds behind the FXX K. Make sure to check out the second video below for a taste of the beast.

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