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Ferrari FF Spontaneously Catches Fire in China

Certain purists argued that the shape and four-wheel drive system of the Ferrari FF mean that it’s not a real Prancing Horse. Well, we now have the photographic proof they were wrong, as a white example of the car behaved in the most Ferrari-like way possible, spontaneously catching fire in China.
Ferrari FF fire in China 6 photos
Ferrari FF fire in ChinaFerrari FF fire in ChinaFerrari FF fire in ChinaFerrari FF fire in ChinaFerrari FF fire in China
Some blame the mid-engine layout for supercar burning cases (which, by the way affects Lambos just as well), but the front-engined V12 grand tourer had no problem showing its driver a cloud of smoke and flames out of a sudden, while it was cruising in the proximity of the Shanghai World Expo Avenue on Saturday.

The driver quickly came to a stop and called the emergency services, but before the fire fighters could arrive, the vehicle was swallowed by the fire and almost entirely destroyed. The Ferrari FF is sold for 5.3 million Yuan in China (USD840,000 or EUR 644,000 at the current exchange rates), as TheTycho writes, so this is quite an expensive incident.

We'll remind you that this follows the case of a Ferrari FF that burst into flames while being test driven in November last year.

Via: Auto163 (images)


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