Ferrari FF Getting Apple Kit

Do you remember the old TV show called the “Knight Rider”, featuring a black 1982 Pontiac Trans AM named KITT, enhanced with self-aware artificial intelligence that allowed it to think, learn and interact with humans?
Ferrari FF 1 photo
Well that kind of technology seems to be at reach now, and you don't even have to wear a male perm like Hasselhoff. Last year, Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue joined Ferrari’s board of directors. His job is to implement Apple’s Siri Eyes Free technology for at least one of Ferrari’s models, the FF four-seater being the most likely first recipient.

Although the system won’t give you access to some flame throwers, tear gas launchers, microwave jammers, lasers and machine-guns, it will let you control the car’s infotainment system.

Siri Eyes Free application will allow drivers to queue up music, make calls, compose text messages, ask for directions and receive reminders, all without looking at the screen of an Apple-branded mobile device. To ensure that, the application will blank the screen of the device, not to give you any distraction from driving. Of course, the rear passengers will get their own iPads integrated into the headrests and they won't be subjected to the same restrictions.


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