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Ferrari F8 Tributo Spider Rendered as the Roofless McLaren 720S Rival

In December 2018, McLaren revealed its new secret weapon for supercar domination, the 720S Spider. We still remember looking at the twin horns and electrochromic glass roof, thinking something along the lines of "can anybody ever outdo this?"
Ferrari F8 Spider Rendered as the Roofless McLaren 720S Rival 1 photo
The ball appears to be in Ferrari's court. The company that stopped being taken seriously when it came to mid-range supercars dropped a bomb on us today, and it's called the F8 Tributo.

Geneva debuts are keeping car renderers busy this week. After working hard on Peugeot projects, X-Tomi revealed this F8 Tributo Spider just a few hours after the official photos hit the web. The makeover is simple, though it also encourages you to think of competition between McLaren and Ferrari.

The Tributo matches the power output of the crazy 488 Pista. At 720 horsepower (Italian/metric), this is Ferrari's most powerful road-going V8. The 770 Nm (568 lb-ft) is also a match for the 720S.

In coupe form, the F8 is said to need just 2.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h, and 200 km/h requires 7.8 seconds, the same as a McLaren. Its top speed is 340 km/h (211 mph), just 1km/h shy of the 720S. We must be getting pretty close to what the tires and aero can do.

According to Ferrari, the new supercar has shaved off an 88-lb (40 kilograms) chunk and now weighs from 2,932 lbs (1,330 kg), and that would mean it's lighter than a 720S. When these two eventually get to drag race, we expect the closest results we've seen. Depending on the driver and conditions, it could swing either way. Of course, Ferrari had extra years compared to McLaren and probably took a long look at what makes the British car tick.

Styling-wise, the Tributo is like an awesome evolution of the 488 rather than an all-new car. Even though it's more modern, the F8 somehow still manages to remind you of classics like the 308 GTB and the F40 with its quad round taillights and vented hood. Ferrari says the aero changes with the Pista-inspired S-Duct alone add 15 percent more downforce to the F8.


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