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UPDATE: Ferrari F8 Tributo Replaces 488 GTB, Is a Pista In Disguise

In case you were wondering what Ferrari is preparing for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Maranello has now introduced the answer online. We're referring to the F8 Tributo, a model that replaces the 488 GTB after four years.
Ferrari F8 Tributo Replaces 488 GTB 7 photos
Ferrari F8 TributoFerrari F8 TributoFerrari F8 TributoFerrari F8 TributoFerrari F8 TributoFerrari F8 Tributo
To put it shortly, the F8 tributo has learned a lot of lessons from the Pista. So the newcomer matches the latter's output, borrows a part of its aerodynamic tricks and even comes with a part of the special's weight reduction (more on these aspects below).

Now, if sharing the assets of the limited edition with the buyers of the fresh "standard" model (the quotes are truly necessary here) seems like a familiar move, it's probably because the scheme isn't new. For instance, Lamborghini has done the same for the mid-cycle refresh of the Huracan, with the Huracan Evo featuring multiple Performante bits.

Returning to the Ferrari F8 Tributo, this matches the Pista's 720 hp and 568 lb-ft (770 Nm) of twist, this topping the 488 Grand Turismo Berlinetta by a hefty 50 hp (the torque has only gone up by 7 lb-ft/10 Nm).

In terms of the weight reduction, the F8 Tributo is 40 kg lighter than the car it replaces, while the Pista beat the 488 GTB at the scale game by 90 kg. As such, the dry weight of the fresh arrival (not the most useful figure, we know) sits at 1,330 kg (2,932 lbs).

The 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h) sprint is completed in 2.9s (the 488 GTB needs 3s for the task, while the Pista can do it in 2.85s, while the 0 to 124 mph (200 km/h) acceleration takes 7.8 seconds (that's 0.5s quicker than the replaced car and 0.2 s behind the time of the Pista). As for the maximum velocity, the newcomer can climb all the way to 340 kph/211 mph (the official figures for the Pista state it can deliver in excess of the said number).

In the aero department, the F8 Tributo mixes Pista tricks with a few of its own. As such, it sits 10 percent higher than the 488 GTB in terms of aerodynamic efficiency.

When it comes to the handling, the control electronics of the new arrival are superior to those of the Pista (think: Side Slip Angle Control 6.1 vs. 6.0, respectively).

As far as the eye is concerned, Maranello describes the new toy as "a bridge to a new design language that will continue to emphasise Ferrari's key characteristics of high performance and extreme aerodynamic efficiency,"

For instance, the louvered composite window sitting atop of the twin-turbo 3.9-liter V8 is a nod to the F40, while the twin round taillights, with the spoiler wrapped around them make for a tribute to the 1975 308 GTB, which was the original eight-cylinder Berlinetta.

The cabin of the Ferrari F8 Tributo brings multiple new elements, such as the steering wheels design, the controls, the round air vents, as well as the 7-inch passenger infotainment display.

Expect the Italian automaker to drop the pricing and market entry details for the F8 Tributo on March 5, when the Swiss venue press days kick off. Meanwhile, you can check out the first images of the mid-engined supercar in the gallery below.

Update:Here are the first real-world pics of the F8 Tributo.

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