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Ferrari F430 Spider Towing a Trailer Is the Practical Supercar

Supercars aren't exactly the most practical breed out there and yet certain owners wish to cast these machines in the role of a daily driver. These aficionados can get quite far in their dream to spend as much time behind the wheel of their supercars as possible. And we've brought along an example of this, which is one of the best we've seen to date.
Ferrari F430 Spider Towing a Trailer 4 photos
Ferrari towing a trailerFerrari towing a trailerFerrari towing a trailer
We're talking about a Ferrari towing a trailer. No, this isn't a test mule for the upcoming Ferrari SUV (more on this below). Instead, we're looking at the owner of an F430 that decided his beast needs a trailer. Oh, and did we mention the thing is an F430 Spider?

The Prancing Horse (should we use the word "chariot" here?) was spotted doing its thing on the highway, as you'll get to notice in the piece of footage at the bottom of the page.

Fortunately, the cammer, who happened to be behind the wheel of an Audi, was determined to give the world a proper look at the Ferrari workhorse, which is why he followed the thing until the perfect shot was achieved.

And, as you'll see, the trailer attached to the Italian exotica seems to be serious business. Note that the adventure took place in Germany, so the tech side of the stunt shouldn't come as a surprise.

Since we mentioned the Ferrari SUV, we'll remind you multiple test mules have been spotted last year.

However, the prototypes didn't seem to use the production body, which means we're not likely to feast our eyes on the final design this year.

On the firepower front, we're expecting no less than three powertrains for the Ferrari high-rider. For starters, as is the case with the GTC4Lusso, the Maranello SUV should be offered with a twin-turbo V8, as well as with a naturally aspirated V12. Nevertheless, the crossover should also come in hybrid form.

And whether we enjoy it or not, both Ferrari and Lamborghini will introduce us to their hybrid future soon.


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